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Jul 26, 2016

Gary and Gary are livin' the dream and discuss their trip to NorCal to run the Rubicon and Fordyce Creek trails. They bring Shawn and Roberto for a three day and two night camping trip on the Rubicon. This trip, they run the original Rubicon Trail entering through Wentworth Springs Road. Most people enter the Rubicon from Loon Lake which bypasses the Devil's Postpile - a difficult boulder field. After the postpile, they continue on and do the optional Soup Bowl obstacle. Next, they do Little Sluice and finish the Indian Trail as it gets dark. They pull into Buck Island Lake campground after dark and set up camp. In the morning, they backtrack to run the Old Sluice uphill - extremely challenging! Then after breaking down camp, they proceed through Big Sluice and a bunch of boulder crawling. They arrive at Rubicon Springs early enough to play in the pools and waterfalls of the Rubicon River, then camp at the Dirty Dozen campground. Cadillac Hill and Observation Point marks the end of day three. After a day off, Gary and Gary next run Fordyce Creek Trail. This is their second time running Fordyce so they invite the High Sierra 4x4 guys, Jeff and Forest to join along and show them the trail. They find all the hardest lines in the 6 winch hills and do some crazy climbs at the Committee playground. A great day with some good buds gave this trip a perfect finale. 

Jul 18, 2016

Gary and Gary bring back Shawn and Roberto into the on-the-road version of the Funny Moon Studios. They catch up on the week of preparing to run the Rubicon Trail in Northern California. They all play the Jeep game with a shocking ending that has never happened before. A little more talk about the Rubicon and a great discussion on a couple great areas in the Northwest. First, a walkthrough of a day Roberto spent at Tillamook State Forest in Oregon. Then a full report on the Jeep Jamboree out at the Naches area. Visit us at and use our Amazon affiliate link. Hop on over to iTunes and give us a rating and some feedback. Thanks for your support!

Jul 12, 2016

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Jul 11, 2016

Gary and Gary talk about their week of preparing for the Rubicon trip. They review the Okanogan-Wenatchee Forest Motorized Travel Plan and provide their thoughts on the suggested changes. A new segment this week covering the Amazon Purchase of the Week; listen to see if you are the winner. Use our Amazon link on for all your Amazon purchases. They discuss all the details of the NW JK BBQ run at Funny Rocks with some of the member interviews. This week was the Northridge 4x4 Open House in Silverdale, Wa. Gary and Gary are your guides with a recap and vendor interviews with ARB, Poison Spyder, Dynatrac, KMC Wheels, VisionX, Grenadeacorp, and more. Head on over to and use coupon code NWJEEPCAST. And wrap up the jeepcast with a trail report of the improved Trail 55 at Tahuya State Forest with new rock gardens and all. Looking forward to getting your feedback and iTunes rating.

Jul 5, 2016

Gary and Gary have Shawn and Roberto join them in studio. They all discuss their last week of work leading up to the NW JK BBQ, with a teaser for the excitement at Funny Rocks. They discuss some listener feedback and make a correction for the last episode. Shawn and Roberto share some info on their jeep build up. They are all running the Rubicon Trail in mid-July, so Gary and Gary share their experiences with planning for a big out of state trip. They discuss the options for where to stay before hitting the trail and how to plan for gas and water needs. They share their itinerary for the three days and two night on the Rubicon. They discuss the camping gear and recovery gear and ways to shares tools and spare parts. Please give us a rating on iTunes and share your feedback on Visit for your jeep gear and use coupon code nwjeepcast for up to 10% off (conditions apply). Share this podcast with your jeep friends.