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Nov 14, 2018

Please consider any donation you can make.

Hi everyone, and thanks for reaching this page.

Our good buddy and friend of the show, James had his house burn down this week. His house and his motorhome burned completely and are a total loss. James, his wife Nicole, and little baby Jameson made it out of the house safely. They lost irreplaceable memories and what didn't burn or get smoke damage, got damaged with 1000s of gallons of water used to put out the fire. This is devastating for his family especially at this time before the holidays. We are asking for any donation that you can give to help his family through this tough time. 

He has insurance but it will take months for that to start reimbursing  his immediate expenses.  He will use these funds to cover what insurance doesn't cover. For whatever insurance does reimburse him for, any excess donations will be donated to organizations that help the offroading community such as PNW4WDA, WOHVA, and Blue Ribbon Coalition.

The Goldman family appreciates everything you can do to help them through this tough time.