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Feb 21, 2017

This week, Gary and Gary discuss pros/cons of building up a Dana 30 versus swapping in a Dana 44. They discuss their latest MechanHack Shack project, swapping in a properly geared Dana 44 axles with air lockers on their buddy Andrew's 2011 JK Sport. They discuss some listener feedback about their snow run event; better check it our before they run out of spots.  Are you looking to switch to a Dana 44 front axle on your Jeep?  Well, give this episode a listen as we cover it all in this latest episode of the Northwest Jeepcast.


The following links provide more information on the products discussed on this episode:

** ARB D44 Air Locker ||

** ARB Bulkhead Kit ||

** ARB Air Line Push Connector ||

** ARB Air Line ||

** ARB Air Solenoid


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