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Jul 5, 2016

Gary and Gary have Shawn and Roberto join them in studio. They all discuss their last week of work leading up to the NW JK BBQ, with a teaser for the excitement at Funny Rocks. They discuss some listener feedback and make a correction for the last episode. Shawn and Roberto share some info on their jeep build up. They are all running the Rubicon Trail in mid-July, so Gary and Gary share their experiences with planning for a big out of state trip. They discuss the options for where to stay before hitting the trail and how to plan for gas and water needs. They share their itinerary for the three days and two night on the Rubicon. They discuss the camping gear and recovery gear and ways to shares tools and spare parts. Please give us a rating on iTunes and share your feedback on Visit for your jeep gear and use coupon code nwjeepcast for up to 10% off (conditions apply). Share this podcast with your jeep friends.

Jun 30, 2016

Gary and Gary get together with their buddy Andrew in the Mechan-hack Shack to do a JK clock spring replacement which we discuss in detail. Andrew tells us about his rig and the process he took to build it up. Andrew joins us as we play another fun round of the Jeep Game with a shocking ending. We give a trail review of a wet and slick day on Summit(4W694), some play time at Funny Rocks, out Milk Creek (4W685) and Lily Pond (4W617), and down FS-1901 to Little Naches Rd. Find us at to submit your questions and feedback.

Jun 26, 2016

This week, Gary and Gary talk about Jeep etiquette for on and off their trail. They discuss the thread of the week about the Getting Started event they hosted with John. They review some listener feedback and play a riveting round of the Jeep game. Guess who'll win this one! They discuss some situations you're sure to encounter on the trial and the considerate ways of dealing with them. Everyone is just looking to have fun and here are some tips to keep everyone safe and having a great time.

Jun 25, 2016

Gary and Gary get together for this bonus episode. They do a quick recap of the news, and discuss the Northridge4x4 Facebook Giveaway with Malo.  They jump back to April 2016 on the day they ran the Behind the Rocks trail in Moab, Utah. They discuss each obstacle on the trail and the challenges they encountered. Behind the Rocks is rated a 7 out of 10 on the Moab scale due to some fun rock climbs. Check out and bookmark our Amazon link when making any Amazon purchase.

Jun 20, 2016

Gary and Gary discuss the thread of the week--the Tillamook run and meeting a few locals from the Portland area. This week, they review the trail systems of the Northwest providing a high level description of the trail areas and where they are. These are the Washington Department of Natural Resources and US Forest Service OHV parks and trails. They review the trails in Western, Central and Eastern Washington, Western and Eastern Oregon, Northern Idaho, and BC. They're looking forward to getting you feedback about trails they missed to cover. Future episodes will do deep drill downs into each trail. And they have some fun with another high stakes round of the Jeep game thanks to questions from Shawn. Check out and visit our Amazon affiliate link when making any Amazon purchase.

Jun 11, 2016

Gary and Gary start off the show talking about the thread of the week--dual band radios. This episode discusses the unprecedented popularity of the Jeep JK. How does the JK compare to other Jeep models in terms of numbers manufactured? They discuss the various reasons why JKs came to be so popular. And review the impact to the aftermarket industry into a mutually beneficial cycle. And of course relay their own personal stories in seeing the popularity of Jeeping grow around them. Check out and visit our Amazon affiliate link when making any Amazon purchase.

Jun 4, 2016

Gary and Gary talk about how to get started when you want to take your jeep offroad. They cover the importance of wheeling with jeep friends with some tips on how to find other folks in your area. They discuss the basic equipment you'll need in order to deal with situations that arise on the trail. As you get comfortable with basic trails, they describe more recovery gear necessary as you start to move to moderate trails. Jason helps them again with questions for the Jeep game. Then as you want to get into bigger trails they introduce additional vehicle improvements you should consider. Wrapping up with some considerations when you want to go really big.

May 24, 2016

In this episode, Gary and Gary introduce themselves and their journey getting into and developing their jeep hobby. They introduce their history with wheeling, and how they built up and evolved their jeeps. They tell us about the trails of the Northwest and some of the wheeling trips they've taken.  They have some fun with a jeep game then tell us why they started this jeepcast.

May 23, 2016

This is the Northwest Jeepcast where we talk about Jeeps!

You want to hear about your rig, from the beast to the least, we're talking about your jeep. 

And we got the scoop on the trail systems of the Pacific Northwest and more.

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