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May 2, 2017

The Jeepcast boys bring Chad and Dennis in studio for a fun chat. They discuss the upcoming Go Topless Day event--everything you need to know and more for this exciting activity to spend time with your fellow jeepers. They also discuss the Around the Sound Jeep Club and the service they do for the jeeping community.  They announce another Jeep of the Week, and the winner of the Jeepcast Tax Day Giveaway. And they play a fun Jeepword game with all four.


The following links provide more information on products and topics discussed on this episode:

** 10th Annual Go Topless Day ASJC / NW Jeepcast Event ||

** Around the Sound Jeep Club (ASJC) ||

** ASJC Meetup Site ||

** Seven Offroad

Northwest Jeepcast - A Jeep Podcast - Topless on Blue Slide

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