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Aug 30, 2016

The Northwest Jeepcast guys not only wheel hard, they wrench hard. This week they discuss a couple jeep jobs in the Mechan-hack Shack:

  • Radiator, fan and thermostat install to improve driving temps by 20-30 degrees.
  • Drag link install tips
  • Adams 1350 Rear Driveshaft bought from

After all the wrenching, they take the weekend to camp and wheel Tillamook State Forest. Their previous trips have been during the rainy season; in the Northwest, that means any other time than July and August. Their intention was to hit all the big obstacles they couldn't do in the rain and snow. Airplane Hill, Upper Crushers, Waterfall, Can Opener are a few of the big crazy obstacles you'll find at Tillamook. They also cruise Firebreak 5, Saddle Mtn, Hogsback, and Archers Firebreak. And just when they thought they would be leaving Tillamook for the first time without major damage, WHAMMO! Listen to find out what happened. Visit for all your jeep needs and listen for a special coupon code. Start your Amazon shopping experience at to help support this show. And follow us @nwjeepcast on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.


Event correction: the Go Play Topless event date got moved and we didn't notice. It was on 8/26. Sorry for the delay in updated info. always check for the events we're tracking.

Aug 23, 2016













  • Sierra Trek
    Aug 10-13, 2017 
    Fordyce Creek Trail, CA



















  • Annual Shore Patrol - Beach clean-up
    Sept 16-18 2016
    Campers will stay at the Tidelands RV Resort in Copalis Beach, WA
    Clean-up on the 17th






Aug 23, 2016

This week Gary and Gary take you on a fantastic voyage to the Rim Rock trails in Central Washington. They discuss the trails and how to get to them and what you can expect along the way. And get a listener interview while on the trail. They review some listener feedback--the good, the bad, and the … well you get the idea. We're always glad to get your feedback so send it to They also discuss the thread of the week about choosing the right specs for your wheels with specific details on the TrailReady TR17's. They go into detail about how to choose a specific backspacing on the wheel. And pros and cons of different ring sizes for your beadlock wheels. And be ready to play along with another fun Jeep game. Visit for all your jeep needs and listen for a special coupon code. Start your Amazon shopping experience at to help support this show. And follow us @nwjeepcast on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

Aug 15, 2016

On this action packed episode, Gary and Gary discuss a wide variety of things that can go wrong on the trail. They cover drive lines, sector shafts, axle shafts, hydro assist, axle shafts, and more, and what they did to get off the trail. Being prepared for breakages is helpful for keeping a bad situation as good as possible. These guys use their jeeps and have seen and experienced nearly everything that can go wrong while wheeling. And listen all the way through for the ultimate in what can go wrong which happened the weekend of this recording. Gary also discusses some work in the Mechan-hack Shack including the Poison Spyder Brawler Rocker installation and some vent selector maintenance. Check them out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @nwjeepcast, and start your Amazon shopping at to help support this show.

Aug 9, 2016

Dan and Aimee join Gary and Gary for this Baker's Dozen episode. They discuss their weeks - TJ head gasket replacement, tie rod end replacement, JK alignment, transmission drain plug, stereo install and more. All four play a fun round of the Jeep game with a surprise ending where a Gary always wins… or does he? They then discuss running the Baker Creek, Baker Ridge and Ball Ridge trails in the Liberty West trail system. There are a couple big obstacles on the West side, one of which even required some winching… guess who? The Mechan-hach Shack was fully operational this weekend helping Dan with an ARB twin compressor install. They all discuss the process of mounting the compressor and wiring it up. Find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @nwjeepcast, and at Click our Amazon banner to start your shopping experiences to help support this show. And shop for all your jeep needs at with coupon code nwjeepcast. See ya on the trails.

Aug 1, 2016

Gary and Gary recap the week of recovering from a week's worth of wheeling in Norcal. How long does it take a body to recover from such an event? They discuss the work they did on their jeeps to make sure everything was still in good working order following the stresses the Rubicon and Fordyce Creek put on their jeeps. This episode, Gary and Gary give their experiences of the top shops in the Puget Sound area. Northridge4x4, Auburn Car Repair & Offroad, and Olympic 4x4 are the three shops they've used or have heard from others are the best shops to get jeep work done. Let us know in the comments about shops in other areas like Oregon and Central and Eastern Washington. And as always build it, wheel it, fix it, repeat it. And we'll see ya on the trails!