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Sep 14, 2016

The Northwest Jeepcast -- a Jeep Podcast. Gary and Gary get some good listener feedback and discuss it in detail on how to keep improving the show. They discuss the Listener Question of the Week for the important first things to get for your jeep when first starting to go wheeling. And then they discuss the trail run...

Sep 5, 2016

This week, Gary and Gary go back to the beginning to talk about options to consider for your first Jeep Wrangler JK lift. They discuss the pros and cons of different entry level approaches to getting some lift on your jeep. Whether your idea is to get a little height to clear 35" tires for some cool street looks or...

Aug 30, 2016

The Northwest Jeepcast guys not only wheel hard, they wrench hard. This week they discuss a couple jeep jobs in the Mechan-hack Shack:

  • Radiator, fan and thermostat install to improve driving temps by 20-30 degrees.
  • Drag link install tips
  • Adams 1350 Rear Driveshaft bought from

After all the...

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Aug 23, 2016





Aug 23, 2016

This week Gary and Gary take you on a fantastic voyage to the Rim Rock trails in Central Washington. They discuss the trails and how to get to them and what you can expect along the way. And get a listener interview while on the trail. They review some listener feedback--the good, the bad, and the … well you get the...