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Aug 9, 2016

Dan and Aimee join Gary and Gary for this Baker's Dozen episode. They discuss their weeks - TJ head gasket replacement, tie rod end replacement, JK alignment, transmission drain plug, stereo install and more. All four play a fun round of the Jeep game with a surprise ending where a Gary always wins… or does he? They then discuss running the Baker Creek, Baker Ridge and Ball Ridge trails in the Liberty West trail system. There are a couple big obstacles on the West side, one of which even required some winching… guess who? The Mechan-hach Shack was fully operational this weekend helping Dan with an ARB twin compressor install. They all discuss the process of mounting the compressor and wiring it up. Find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @nwjeepcast, and at Click our Amazon banner to start your shopping experiences to help support this show. And shop for all your jeep needs at with coupon code nwjeepcast. See ya on the trails.