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Nov 15, 2016

This week, Gary and Gary discuss the inner workings of drag links. Don't forget to check out for upcoming events. Keep participating in our Thanks-Give-a-way for a chance to win some awesome off-roading accessories. Gary works on banging out some body dents on his Jeep after some rough encounters this summer. In the MechanHack Shack, they invite a listener to do some adjusting after off-roading their Jeep--drag link install and re-torque control arms and track bar. They discuss different drag links, stock to built, and let you in on current drag links for sale from Northridge4x4 and what they offer for your off-roading experience. They cover drag links from Carolina Metal Master, Currie, EVO Manufacturing, JKS, Rock Krawler, Synergy, and Teraflex.


--Links discussed on the show-- 

**Nicholson 4 Piece Thread Repair File Set


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