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Jul 11, 2018

This week Gary and Gary are joined by Dr. Sara Mayes to discuss wheelin in a safe way with dogs following a tragic accident on the trail. They discuss some listener feedback newly in this week.  Tune in to hear a fresh new episode of the Northwest Jeepcast. Join our community of Patrons to enter a drawing for $100 gift card to 4 Wheel Parts at

Dr. Sara Mayes is a Medical Director and Associate Veterinarian at Broadway Animal Hospital in Everett, Wa.  

Hot Weather:

** Hurtta sun and bug blocker ||

**Hurtta swamp cooler||

**Ruffwear Cooling Coat||

**Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest||

**Platform to sit on that allows cooling||


Severe cold:

**euro dog designs dakota snow coat||

**mutluks snow suit||


Intermediate cold:

**Equafleece fleece vest or suit||

**Hurtta body warmer||

**Kurgo loft jacket||

**Kurgo north country dog coat||

**Ruffwear Insulated Jacket ||



**Hurtta Slush Combat Suit||

**Hurtta Torrent Coat ||


Protect the feet if needed:

**Ruffwear Polar Trex Boots||

**Mutluks Snow Boots ||


Surface Pads:

**Rough and tough self inflating dog bed ||

**Coolaroo elevated pet bed||

**Eye protection: Rexspecs are light years ahead of all other brands||


Safety Harness: ideally should support the shoulders AND the hips

**Ruffwear Front range harness|| 

**Ruffwear Web Master ||

**Ruffwear Double back harness ||

**Hurtta Dazzle harness or Active harness||


Attachments/Seat belt: 3 point attachment

**ROK strap leashes: use this to secure your dog to the roll bar||

**Seat belt clips: ok to use these to secure hip harness to the back and ventral portion of the chest harness to the front||


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