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Mar 20, 2019

Gary, Gary, James and David discuss the extended range Titan fuel tanks provided for tow rigs. Check out the interview they got with Mike from Titan Fuel Tanks. They play an epic game of Jeep word. They also discuss some listener feedback and of course there is a famous Jeep of the Week. Tune in to hear a fresh new episode of the Northwest Jeepcast. Look for bonus content at

Discussed this episode:

** Titan Fuel Tanks **

Titan Fuel Tank installation 

This is a Titan Fuel Tank install on a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 6.7 Cummins dually.





Two straps mount the tank in the truck. The new tank came with new heavy duty straps and rubber pads. 


You have to disconnect the fill and vent tubes. The new tank comes with a new vent tube but you reuse the full tube. 


As you lower the tank down you need to discount the feed and return fuel lines by pinching the end of each disconnect clip. After that you can slide the red clip on the wire connector and remove it as well. 






With the old tank removed, it was time to install the new tank!

35 gallon stock tank, 60 gallon titan XXL tank 






The new tank uses a heavy duty retaining ring with lock nuts instead of a lock ring that slides in a circle to lock on the factory tank by hitting it with a screw driver. 


As we start to raise the tank up you can start to see how they made the tank flair out in different areas to match the shape of the frame and other components to get the maximum fuel capacity. 





The tank spans from the rear diff all the way to the t case now. You can see the much heavier duty tank straps with the rubber pads. 


It’s hard to even get the fuel tank in the photo. I had to lay my phone on the ground and take the photo.