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Jun 20, 2016

Gary and Gary discuss the thread of the week--the Tillamook run and meeting a few locals from the Portland area. This week, they review the trail systems of the Northwest providing a high level description of the trail areas and where they are. These are the Washington Department of Natural Resources and US Forest Service OHV parks and trails. They review the trails in Western, Central and Eastern Washington, Western and Eastern Oregon, Northern Idaho, and BC. They're looking forward to getting you feedback about trails they missed to cover. Future episodes will do deep drill downs into each trail. And they have some fun with another high stakes round of the Jeep game thanks to questions from Shawn. Check out and visit our Amazon affiliate link when making any Amazon purchase.

Patrick eddy
almost five years ago

All the talk about handing out cards to get the word out about the show, how about some stickers??

over five years ago

I agree with the Gary's, snow on even moderate trails changes them compleatly. Case in point my rollover on the wagon trail. An ice and snow covered hill makes for a 5000lbs bobsled ride.