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 Amazon shopping

Aug 23, 2016

This week Gary and Gary take you on a fantastic voyage to the Rim Rock trails in Central Washington. They discuss the trails and how to get to them and what you can expect along the way. And get a listener interview while on the trail. They review some listener feedback--the good, the bad, and the … well you get the idea. We're always glad to get your feedback so send it to They also discuss the thread of the week about choosing the right specs for your wheels with specific details on the TrailReady TR17's. They go into detail about how to choose a specific backspacing on the wheel. And pros and cons of different ring sizes for your beadlock wheels. And be ready to play along with another fun Jeep game. Visit for all your jeep needs and listen for a special coupon code. Start your Amazon shopping experience at to help support this show. And follow us @nwjeepcast on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.