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Nov 8, 2016

This week, Gary and Gary discuss the Wheeling Bootcamp event they put on to help folks get the right start into wheeling their jeeps. But first, they review the upcoming events including the Thanks Give-a-way. Listen for details on how to win prizes worth nearly $50. Lots of work in the MechanHack Shack this week: JK hub maintenance and muffler hackery, and ZJ ball joints and Yukon locking hubs. They review some listener feedback and discuss a hugely positive interaction with Adams Driveshafts. At the Wheeling Bootcamp, they describe the event and the participants--a wide range of vehicles and experience levels. They cover some of the upfront instruction about recovery gear and wheeling basics. And on the trail, they describe all the fun, getting stuck, getting recovered, and a little trail damage. What an awesome time with a bunch of cool people. Thanks to the Wheeling Bootcamp sponsors Discount Tire and Northridge 4x4.


-----Discussed on the show-----

*Yukon Hardcore Locking Hub pics - to see the small bolts holding the cap and selector switch onto the hub.||

*Ball Joint Press kit - used to press ball joints in and out.||

*Synergy Tie Rod End - a great tie rod end also usable on Synergy's Drag link.||

*Bostisch 65-piece Pass Through Socket set - a very inclusive portable socket set.||

*ARB E-Z Deflator - quick air deflator for airing down.||

*Adams 1350 JK Rear Driveline -  Adams Driveshaft's excellent products and superior customer service.||

*Warn Powerplant 9.5 - combo high quality winch and highly capable air compressor.||


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